• Luigi Ontani

    Mario Diacono Gallery

    Luigi Ontani’s most recent work abandons the body as a direct language in favor of a more “pictorial” dimension. In past self-portraits, he has employed the body as a linguistic means, photographing it in poses inspired by mass-media personalities, comic strips (“Superman”), literary works (Don Juan), or figures from classical painting. His interest in the past was conveyed through a filter of historical and literary references; the classical figures he invoked furnished the interpretive key to his stagings of life as art, and, conversely, of art as the acme of life. His staging has always been

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  • Remo Salvadori

    Pieroni Gallery

    This show of Remo Salvadori’s work consisted of three pieces—a sculpture, a map drawing, and a book. The Pieroni Gallery had been structurally modified by the artist for this show, and the book contains a project showing the original, preexisting plan of the gallery and the successive changes introduced; the evolution of the idea is visualized in a series of drawings that develop gradually, with slight variations, until they coincide with a form that has already appeared in many of Salvadori’s previous shows.

    The works were placed in the rooms of the gallery in a manner which created alternating

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