• White Dog

    Film audiences are currently being inundated with a glut of dazzling special-effects movies crammed with expensively wondrous visual invention and glossily framed shots. Watching them can approximate the feeling of running head-on into the deep space of an Atari video game. When viewed strictly as catalogues of techno-esthetic prowess they may reward us with a kind of narrow utopia of visual pleasure; unfortunately directors find it necessary to get literary—hence the usual establishment of a leaden, stereotypical narrative premise. These movies sport blazing beginnings which soon crumble into

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  • Christian Jaccard

    Galerie Jan Six and Musée Cantini

    One of these two exhibits of the work of Christian Jaccard (that in Marseilles) is a retrospective, while the Paris show presents recent work; together they allow an understanding of an artistic method formed around a logic that is highly unusual. Jaccard’s work has developed through a striving for the unrepresentable, the “sublime”; an investigation into the specific properties of abstraction is integral to his thought. This inquiry, which pushes the artist to relentlessly examine the essential elements of his work, is not a cold-blooded dissection of the different forces that combine to

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