• Janet Cooling

    Nancy Lurie Gallery

    Janet Cooling is an outspoken young painter; her figurative subjects run the gamut from tender bunnies through fornicating women to Godzilla-like monsters. In her work she has shown herself to be a lesbian feminist, an environmentalist, and an antinuclear advocate, but whatever she may be and as powerful as her art is, the point that her imagery tries to make is not always clear.

    The current work amounts to an art tailor-made for an urban/suburban apocalypse. The eight new paintings here are generally related to Cooling’s earlier acrylic canvases in that they are multi-imaged compilations of

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  • Hollis Sigler

    Dart Gallery

    Hollis Sigler cloaks a woman’s dilemma in the folds of a childlike style. This neo-naive can render distorted perspective exquisitely, can wield hatch strokes to make carpets bristle, walls buckle, and planes slide so that spatial dislocations correspond to psychological uncertainties. Sigler makes very pretty, indeed feminine paintings while retaining a strong emotional charge and maintaining her feminist position in the war between the sexes. The title of the first drawing in this show—I’ve Got This Job Of Being A Woman, 1982—announces her theme, but it is high-key carnival color and illustrative

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