• “Los Picassos De Picasso En Mexico”

    Museo Tamayo

    This show looked at Picasso from the exciting perspective of the artist’s personal collection of his own work. Presumably Picasso retained the works for his own enjoyment and use; no doubt many of them held special significance for him, as turning points in different directions, treatments of favorite subjects, or sentimental icons. The majority of the 175 paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints came from the Musée Picasso in Paris, and were filled out with some additional examples from private collections, including those of the Picasso heirs. The selection, made by William S. Lieberman,

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  • “Homenaje Los Nacional A Contemporáneos”

    Galerias Del Palacio De Belles Artes

    The Mexican avant-garde movement of the ’20s and ’30s known as the “contemporáneos” is a relatively neglected interlude in 20th-century culture, deserving of wider exposure. This exhibition, organized by Carlos Monsiváis, was an attractively designed didactic display that brought to life the aspirations of this small but distinguished group of writers and artists. Fraught with accusations of elitism and radicalism, the controversial history of the movement was detailed through documentary photographs and printed materials as well as books, magazines, paintings, and theater designs. The manifold

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