• Gregg Renfrow

    Grapestake Gallery

    Gregg Renfrow’s latest painting and his previous work exemplify a dialectic of style articulated by Ortega y Gassett as “ . . . artistic form, on reaching its maximum, is likely to topple over into its opposite” (The Dehumanization of Art, 1956, p. 27). In the years since Renfrow participated in the 1975 Biennial of New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, this San Francisco artist has been recognized for the unusual form of his reliefs. Their unique process of facture is fundamental to the effect: polymer paint is poured and brushed onto a surface (often a rough wooden floor), peeled off when

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  • Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel

    University Art Museum, Berkeley

    The focus of Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel’s exhibition here was the installation of electronic news and Wire-photo machines from Associated Press and United Press International, which spewed out approximately two hundred photographs and a thousand news stories a day during the month of the show. Functioning as editors, Sultan and Mandel planned to use these photographs and news-story galleys to create a series of wall installations, changing semiweekly, to “uncover hidden biases in the media.”

    Descending into the concrete, bunker-styled gallery, viewers encountered a facsimile newsroom replete

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