• “Magritte et les publicitaires”

    Musée de la Publicité

    Discussions of artistic influence generally remain within esthetic terrain, dealing with the effect of formal strategies and ideas on other artists; rarely do such endeavors range beyond insular purlieus to address art’s impact on culture at large. Hence the importance of this exhibition treating the dissemination of René Magritte’s ideas and images in the fields of publicity and advertising. Organized by Georges Roque, who wrote the accompanying book (Ceci n’est pas un Magritte. Essai sur Magritte et la publicité, Flammarion, 1983), the show was divided into two complementary sections. One

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  • Alexandre Gherban

    Eric Fabre Gallery

    Alexandre Gherban is a young artist who trained in formal logic and music before investigating the problematic borders of conceptualism in the visual arts. In this sense he is a most relevant figure, indicating the inconsistencies in the work of a wide range of the more or less brilliant amateurs whose provocative dilettantism affects a serious part of the Paris and London art scenes nowadays, and who can be considered as a European issue of graffiti, new wave, or punk art. These mostly French and British object-makers seem to have a little more sense of humor than the German and Italian painterly

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