• “aktuell ’83”

    Städtische Galerie In Lenbachhaus

    As her contribution to “aktuell ’83,” Christina Kubisch transformed the garden of the Lenbachhaus into a sound space, the sound varying in intensity as one followed 14 separate routes. Above one’s head a colorful tangle of cables hung between trees and fountains. As “neither/nor” as was the sound quality—not bad, not good—so, with some exceptions, was the exhibition as a whole, but nonetheless this was the most comprehensive show of contemporary art in Munich in 12 years. It was conceived by the city’s cultural-affairs department on the basis of cultural policy rather than artistic considerations:

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  • Roni Horn

    Künstraum München, Glyptothek, and Kunstforum

    The very pure, quiet work of the 28-year-old Roni Horn was first shown in a one-person show three years ago at the Clocktower, New York, and at the Kunstraum München, which prepared this new three-part exhibition. In the earlier Munich show the compact “soft metal forms,” hammered together out of thin little scraps, were striking for certain qualities that continue to play a central role: though each piece stands exposed and alone in its space, these relatively small, round, longish or ovaloid bodies fill their space completely with their aura. This restrained but vital presence becomes even

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