• Francois Boué

    Galerie Crouselhussenot

    Francois Boué is a young French artist who has lived and worked mostly abroad. His interest in cultural variance has brought him to a peculiar type of work independent of national characteristics as they prevail for most of his contemporaries. It does not take place in a specific artistic medium (painting, sculpture, etc.) but attempts a personal synthesis of various artistic, stylistic, and cultural elements, arranging confrontations between their differences and making apparent the discontinuities in their physical and mental space. This systematic, coherent approach to cultural discontinuity

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  • Richard Serra

    Jardin Des Tuileries

    On the occasion of the Richard Serra retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, the Ministry of Culture installed a large Serra sculpture in the Jardin des Tuileries. Originally intended for the museum’s Forum, this vast double-arced work is 120 feet long by 12 feet high; in its current, temporary location it conforms to the category of sculpture that Robert Irwin has described as “site-adjusted” rather than “site-specific.” Clara-Clara, 1982–83, is placed at the Place de la Concorde entrance to the site so as to repeat and articulate the axial coordinates of its confines. Positioned between two

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