• Will Northerner

    Zolla/ Liberman Gallery

    After a tour of the galleries on New York’s Lower East Side, I returned to Chicago with a new perspective from which to gauge this city’s images and ways of seeing. Just as the Lower East Side has been treated in the press as a self-contained sphere emulating all that is good and bad in the larger art-marketing arena, so Chicago art has been compartmentalized as “regional.” Its separate identity partly reflects differences in style and subject matter from the art of the rest of the country; successive generations of Chicago imagists, who hold the copyright on figurative allegiance, have elegantly

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  • Mark Jackson

    Betsy Rosenfield Gallery

    Mark Jackson’s new work is disturbed by fear and paranoia. Not that his previous paintings weren’t psychologically pregnant with a certain dread, but what was before a covert unease has now blossomed into full-blown horror and hallucination. A man looks over his shoulder as giant facial features materialize behind his back; a woman balances precariously between leering, disembodied men’s heads bobbing around her like balloons; a man raises his arms to fend off a woman’s grinning face coming at him from the upper right corner of the canvas. Titles like Out of the Darkness, 1983, and Between the

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