• Brian Longe

    Klein Gallery

    In general one resists the constraints of regionalism, but sometimes one has to admit the shared characteristics of artists from a particular geographical area. It comes as no surprise that the brilliantly colored landscapes of Brian Longe are made in California. Even Longe’s interest and involvement with Oriental mysticism can be linked to a West Coast sensibility. But his picturesque visions are not representations of the California coast, and although they generally include sky, a mountain range, and a pool, this is really to do with a correspondence between three elements. All the imagery

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  • James Grigsby, Sharon Evans, Carmela Rago


    Wit was the instrument by which these three gifted performers, whose styles are very different, transformed subjective revelation into public presentation in this program of three disparate works. Sharon Evans’ character recitation seemed autobiographical, while Carmela Rago’s protagonist was invented but tied to the artist’s zany charm. Only James Grigsby was more distanced in.his impersonation of performers. If the revelation of emotion was the primary agenda, a delicate balance of narrative performance and acting provided the structural framework of the three works—Grigsby’s Mummenkleid,

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