• Michael Heizer

    Rice University Art Gallery

    A large version of Michael Heizer’s 45° 90° 180° was installed in front of the engineering building on the Rice University campus on December 8 and 9 of 1984. The piece’s three stone slabs are of Texas pink granite, cut about 180 miles from the site of installation; each weighs nearly 70 tons and measures 12 feet 8 inches by 20 by 18 by 28 feet, with a 33-inch thickness. The concrete bases measure 12 by 18 by 3 feet 6 inches, making them nearly equal in volume to the granite stones; each of the six elements displaces about 750 cubic feet.

    The Rice piece relates closely to two earlier Heizer works:

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  • Derek Boshier

    Texas Gallery

    This “idle passion,” painting, continues to be surrounded by excessive boosterism which, in its indiscriminate energy, obscures the accomplishments of those who successfully command the medium to tasks beyond the narcotic celebration of painting itself. The task Derek Boshier sets for painting, at least in his most recent, large-scale work, is the assembling of irrepressibly odd actors, props, and settings drawn freely (but not arbitrarily) from the vast cabinet of Western culture as well as from the curious recesses of his private history. The business of the painting is the playing out of

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