• Raul Guerrero

    Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery

    There are no wildly lunging leopards, no tigers burning bright, in Raul Guerrero’s rain forests of the imagination. He gives us tightly drawn, static relics of pre-Columbian Mexico, and dreamy, postcard images of sexual desire, but stands apart from them, as a spectator in his own narrative. Guerrero’s images are stylized and commonplace: the ruined temples, dismembered statuary, deserted city squares, exotic birds, and jungle cats are like an illustrator’s fantasy of ancient Mexico.

    Engaging in a parody of Surrealist juxtaposition, Guerrero manages to drain this rich undergrowth of its potency.

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  • Allen Ruppersberg

    The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    We enter Al Ruppersberg’s exhibition through two doors that simulate the wood paneling associated with a traditional library setting. But these are clearly facsimiles, painted gray. “Things are not what they appear to be” aptly describes the entire body of work the artist presents under the title “The Secret of Life and Death” Despite its apparent diversity, the show is unified by Ruppersberg’s witty puns on the visual and verbal information we normally accept at face value: the “truths” embodied in great books—both fiction and nonfiction—and in journalism, especially when combined with the

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