• Nouvelle Biennale de Paris

    Grande Halle de La Villette

    The “New Paris Biennale” was an other attempt to create a monumental international-art event and thereby to reinstate France as a patron in the field of visual arts. It differed from the Biennale des Jeunes, which presented an extensive inventory of new artists and expressions from the mid ’60s to the mid ’70s, in its focus on the consecrated values and familiar products of the mainstream. In this way, the Nouvelle Biennale conformed to the trend that would make an exhibitions more like the Helsinki Conference, full of pomp and circumstance.

    The positive side of such a show is the government’s

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  • Jean Le Gac

    Galerie Daniel Templon

    During the ’70s Jean Le Gac’s bookish works—composed of Polaroids, tiny drawings, and paragraphs of text that eccentrically combine the theoretical with personal reminiscence—were received as conceptual art. His most recent exhibition in Paris shows that he has amplified and complicated his earlier narrative concerns. Interested equally now as before, in the motives and processes that inform the artist’s mind, Le Gac’s new series combines pastel, color photographs, and text in an investigation of the emotional correspondences—the metaphors of memory—inspired by the books and stories of his

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