• Peter Shelton

    UCLA Wight Art Gallery

    Peter Shelton is usually known for his installations of anthropomorphic, industrial forms, in which cast-metal and fiberglass signifiers (stunted body parts, empty, shell-like garments, biomorphic fragments) set up complex conceptual, figurative, and spatial relationships. Whether they are suspended from the ceiling or cantilevered from the wall, Shelton is careful to relate each object directly to the viewer, so that sculpture becomes a physical, external metaphor for human essences. ideas, and perceptions. More recently. Shelton has started to incorporate overtly architectural elements, using

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  • “Individuals”

    The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    With its yearlong inaugural exhibition. “Individuals: A Selected History of Contemporary Art, 1945–1986,” Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art gives its rendition of the keynotes in art since World War II and marches into the crowded and very competitive field of nouvelle museology. Curated by Julia Brown Turrell, the exhibition occupies MOCA’s two separate buildings (the four-year-old Temporary Contemporary, Frank Gehry’s verismo adaptation of a big downtown warehouse; and the contained and highly polished California Plaza building complex designed by Arata lsozaki that opened in December)

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