• Richard Baquié

    Centre Pompidou

    With this one-person show in the Galeries Contemporaines at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Richard Baquié, a 35-year-old artist from Marseilles who was practically unknown only three years ago, received a first consecration of what promises to be a very brilliant career. Before this official acknowledgment, Baquié had had only a few exhibitions in France. These sufficed, however, to attract attention to this newcomer—so much so that he was among those invited to participate in three important group shows that were organized in 1986 to introduce contemporary French art abroad (one in Germany and

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  • Wifredo Lam

    Galerie Lelong & Co. | 13 rue de Téhéran

    The received view of Wifredo Lam (1902–82) is this: he did his best work in the ’40s. Partly, this view has to do with criticism’s emphasis on formal breakthroughs. In his paintings of the 40s. Lam’s fracturing of space was derived from Cubism and therefore acceptable to formalist critics; however, when he began moving away from Cubism, his work is thought to have become weaker. By constantly evoking the artist’s friendship with Pablo Picasso—and the notion of influence—many writers found a way to minimize Lam’s achievement. Even his paintings of the ’40s are seen in the shadow of Picasso’s

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