• Richard Long

    Donald Young Gallery

    For his first American one-person exhibition since the 1986 retrospective of his work at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Richard Long showed three stone circles, a mud ring on the wall, and two mud drawings, all done in 1987. The installation, itself untitled, was accompanied by the latest in Long’s ongoing series of site documentation publications, this one called Out of the Wind.

    Long’s austere assemblies of rings, lines, and fields of stone declare the edges of somehow sacred spaces whether they are encountered indoors or out, but the remoteness of many of the artist’s outdoor works has made

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  • Mary Lou Zelazny

    Peter Miller Gallery

    There’s a nursery rhyme concerned with transubstantiation, suggesting that little boys are made of “snips and snails and puppydog tails” while “sugar and spice and everything nice” are the stuff of little girls. The 14 collage-paintings by Mary Lou Zelazny shown here, all from 1987, feature not-so-little girls made of dozens of printed images scavenged from the pages of magazines and catalogues and then combined within a painted composition. Each of these weirdly sensible figures is a densely overlaid composite of snippets from schematic diagrams, telephone directory pages, package labels, and

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