• Boyle Family

    Turske & Whitney Gallery

    Based in Greenwich, England, Boyle Family consists of Mark Boyle, Joan Hills, and their children, Sebastian and Georgia Boyle. Working as a collective unit (or “four feuding dictators,” as Sebastian puts it), the Boyles have spent the last 20 years working on a still continuing series called Journey to the Surface of the Earth. It began in August 1968 when the Boyles had a blindfolded group of family and friends throw darts at a large world map; by this method, they selected 1,000 locations randomly scattered all over the world. Since then, the Boyles have been systematically visiting as many

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  • Dennis Hilger

    Dushane Gallery

    Dennis Hilger’s exhibition of 20 richly ornamented paintings, almost all from 1987, was entitled “Ancient Memories,” evoking Norman Mailer’s novel Ancient Evenings and pursuing a similar course of fantasy and history. (He even uses the title Ancient Evenings for one of the paintings.) Hilger’s work suggests artifacts of a cult of luxury, dreams, and death through an iconography playfully borrowed from the art of ancient Egypt. Seen here in this Sunset Boulevard gallery, the paintings mirrored the seductive treasures found beyond the gallery doors. Rivers of lapis lazuli and rivulets of rose

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