• Isa Genzenken

    Galerie Daniel Buchholz

    Isa Genzken is known for the way she subtly relates her works to their environments, as well as for her complex, specific solutions and disruptive tactics. She has consistently employed materials from the realm of building construction: first wood and plaster, then glass and steel, and now concrete. Sculptures made of broken, shattered, and imperfect concrete are supported by delicate iron scaffolds. Genzken pours the concrete into wooden frameworks; when it hardens, she smashes it, then piles up the fragments again. Then the components are lightly spray-painted.

    The manner in which the pieces

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  • Imi Knoebel

    Galerie Rudolf Zwirner

    Upon entering the gallery, one instantly sensed that the five pieces on display here were created specifically for this environment; they related directly to the multilevel space, scattered as they were over the three levels of the gallery. Four of the paintings—Arbeit Stahl (Labor steel, 1988), O mein Schatz (Oh my darling, 1988), Mama, Look at the Sea, 1988, and Die Töchter (The daughters, 1988)—could be viewed from the entrance, as if they occupied a simultaneous stage. The emphasis of the presentation was on an order that the viewer could experience and understand intuitively, an arrangement

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