• Philip Morsberger

    Rena Bransten Gallery

    Philip Morsberger’s work often passes pretty much unnoticed, except by other painters. It is open to misreading as the work of a younger artist under the influence of Philip Guston. His pictures do resemble Guston’s late work in their collisions of high craft and wonky imagery. But Morsberger, who is in his 50s, has decades of painting behind him. He moved to California a couple of years ago from England, where—though he is American—he was Ruskin Master of Drawing at Oxford.

    Morsberger peoples his paintings with cartoonish figures that share the canvas space but mostly appear as unaware of each

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  • Hung Liu

    Capp Street Project

    Hung Liu is a Chinese artist who now lives in Texas. She received formal training first in her native country during the Mao regime and recently in the conceptualist-oriented graduate program at the University of California, San Diego. “Chineseness,” in one form or another, but especially in its migrant forms, is the basic theme of the two installations she did at separate sites here. The more general themes are movement and difference—especially the difference, say, between being Chinese in China and in America, or between immigrants’ anticipations of wealth and the fake gold leaf on Chinese-American

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