• Candida Hofer

    Johnen + Schöttle

    Candida Höfer was a student of Bernd and Hilla Becher, whose reductionist approach to photography has exerted a tremendous influence on recent German art. Indeed, the Bechers have had such a strong impact that their disciples have often had to struggle with the couple’s rationally “correct” stance for the rest of their lives. Despite the authority of the Bechers, Höfer has managed to take a slow, quiet, and thoughtful detour.

    Her subject is limited to interiors, which are never stripped of their distinctiveness by rigorously formal photographic methods. More specifically, Hölfer shoots informal

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  • Sibylle Ungers

    Galerie Gisela Capitain

    Sibylle Ungers’ drawings are emphatically unpretentious, yet secure in their forms and compositions. The artist here uses mixed media—charcoal, oil crayon, pastel, watercolors, and gouache—in 10 medium-sized and 11 smaller formats. Employing just a few basic geometric forms, Ungers develops her suggestive, colorful draftsmanship until it achieves a painterly fusion. With delicate smudges and powerful, constructed contours, she creates work that occupies a status between hard and soft, closed and open. The sculptural adhesion of the figure to the background is illusionary in some spots, completely

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