• Gerard Päs

    Mercer Union

    Gerard Päs’ sculptures and watercolors are a fusion of pure form within a self-sustaining vision of purgatory. Päs uses the utopian vision of the Russian Constructivist and De Stijl movements, adopting their clean precise lines, stark geometry, and the latter’s primary-color combinations. This is not to suggest, though, that the exhibition serves as a sweeping homage; rather, it sets the ideals of purity and order against the artist’s personal backdrop of physical disability. At a very early age, Päs was stricken with the polio virus, which resulted in physical impairment. Since 1977 his disability

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  • Colette Whiten

    Carmen Lamanna Gallery

    Colette Whiten’s new work investigates the colluded relationship between political power and the media. All eight pieces shown here rely on wire-service photos for their stock imagery. The heroic codes submerged in these images are underscored to construct a critique of photojournalism as a latter-day style of court painting. All this is familiar territory in appropriation art, but Whiten goes one step further in signaling a cool, wary detachment from her subject. She leaves behind the photographic realm entirely: her photos are worked out in elaborate cross-stitch needlepoint.

    Whiten’s is a

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