• Jana Sterbak

    Donald Young Gallery

    Canadian artist Jana Sterbak is a quizzical thinker whose objects test a very broad range of issues. Although this exhibition included only four pieces, it seemed to overflow with ideas and possibilities. That she scrutinizes matters such as feminism, the modes of artistic presentation and reception, the meaning of labor, and the quality and aims of modern life comes as no surprise, but the assuredness with which she moves between these various issues is rather awe-inspiring.

    Sterbak employs a range of media, materials, and technologies including kinetic sculpture, embroidery, mirrors, glass,

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  • Richard Rezac

    Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA Chicago)

    Richard Rezac’s objects share affinities with Minimalist sculpture of the ’60s and ’70s but his aims are decidedly different. His formal reductions are motivated less by a drive for visual purity and removal of the artist’s hand, than by a quest for expression and nuance.

    If at first Rezac’s sculptures seem restrained, their tenor is actually quite expansive. This survey of 16 small sculptures culled from a decade of work reveal a vision that is simultaneously modest and profound. Each of Rezac’s sculptures, whether composed of plaster, wood, steel, bronze, silk, wire, concrete, or iron, proposes

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