Miquel Navarro

This comprehensive presentation of Miguel Navarro’s work spans almost twenty years and is entitled “Las Ciudades” (The cities). It begins with Casa con Palmera (House with palm tree, 1972-73), and La Ciutat (The city, 1973-74) and ends with La Minerva paranoica (The paranoid Minerva, 1987). Architecture provides the inspiration for all his work. For Navarro artistic production is synonymous with “construction” and the reproduction in miniature of architectural elements allows him to generate meaning from anonymous surfaces. Architecture is the support as well as an ironic reflection of his sculpture; it provides the historical coordinates against which we situate the sculptures. The skyscraper, the factory, and the tower stand out among various dispersed buildings in these uninhabited cities.

For his exhibition “Architectural Sculpture” held in 1980 in Los Angeles, Navarro stated that his work embraces the rural and the urban, nature and industry. He incorporates the typically regional barraca (shack) into scenes that suggest ghost towns, from which all inhabitants seem to have fled. He reconstructs, rather than constructs, cities, heightening the artifice of the representation. Cities have always been the theme of his installations and the streets speak of a labyrinthine form and demarcate the different zones or parts that make up the whole. His pieces may evoke the past or the present, or even more enigmatic cities in a foreseeable future.

Menene Gras Balaguer

Translated from the Spanish by Hanna Hannah.