• Peter Schmersal

    Galerie Karsten Greve | Cologne

    If the discussion surrounding the concept of post-Modernism has achieved anything by rejecting a linear idea of history and advocating the irrevocable heterogeneity of various paradigms, it has allowed us to see art like that of Peter Schmersal, which previously might simply have been overlooked. Schmersal’s paintings run counter to the usual idea of innovation, for they problematize conventional genres such as landscape and still life.

    “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?” was the ironic question Richard Hamilton posed in the title of his famous 1952 Pop collage.

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  • Wolfgang Bethke

    Galerie Luis Campaña

    “(2) The purchaser shall ensure that the work will retain its current market value in any currency. (3) If in breach of clause 2 hereof the purchaser shall fail to ensure that the work retains its current market value, then the vendor shall be entitled to demand back the work and to receive from the purchaser the full amount of the work’s current market value.” These are two of six points in a contract, which together with a safe, constitute Wolfgang Bethke’s work, entitled Its Current Market Value, 1990. The theme is the distribution of art, and the conditions and systems that control the

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