• Walter Kütz

    Johnen + Schöttle

    Employing glue-soaked bundles of ragged textiles, Walter Kütz creates configurations that suggest body parts, internal organs, animal legs, or wings. In one instance, a horse’s head formed from old coats, jackets, trousers, and blankets, looms from a wooden bookcase like a gothic gargoyle. Filled with tension and flowing movement, the creased cloth even suggests the animal’s wide open nostrils and pulled back mouth. The tension in Kütz’s sculptures is produced not only by the form that results from the subjugation of the material; the energy seems to be inherent in the twists and folds of the

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  • Peter Bonde

    Galerie Sophia Ungers

    Most people feel some slight anxiety when viewing the works of Danish artist Peter Bonde. Who wants to look at work that seems a desperate attempt to maintain a “critical” art by all sorts of antiquated means such as sculpture and painting? Bonde stubbornly (and sometimes perhaps too directly) insists that such an art must exist, and, he goes about inventing the space for it, so that the art action constitutes the core of his project.

    At the same time he continues to wage a struggle for self-respect as an artist, entangling himself in his own scenarios. Puttering about in an attempt to transform

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