• Yukinori Yanagi

    Hillside Gallery

    Yukinori Yanagi is one of the few contemporary Japanese artists whose work can be characterized as primarily conceptual, and one of an even smaller contingent that attempts to address the thorny issues of nationalism, ideology, and politics. Yanagi’s recent projects have all dealt with national flags as emotionally charged but essentially abstract symbols, humorously probing notions of statehood, history, and the myths of national character. This exhibition featured plans and documentation for the ongoing “Wandering Position” project, which involves vehicles of various types operating within

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  • “Reproduced Authentic”

    Galerie Via Eight

    Although computer networks, new broadcast media, etc. show great promise for the future of “global” art, the art object itself has lost none of its appeal. This timely exhibition, entitled “Reproduced Authentic,” could only have been realized in this age of FAX, and it proposes a solution to the problem of how to reap the advantages of dematerialized electronic transmission without losing the marketable object in the process.

    David Byrne, Barbara Kruger, Sol LeWitt, Haim Steinbach, Jeff Wall, along with curator Joseph Kosuth, each sent an image by FAX from New York to Tokyo. The receiving machine

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