• May Sun

    Capp Street Project

    In a linked series of graceful visual metaphors, May Sun’s installation at the Capp Street Project presented a lesson in history, both local and international. Titled FUGITIVE LANDING: a revolutionary at sea, 1991, it told the story of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s little-known visit to San Francisco in 1896. (A political exile, he came to California to gather support for the eventual overthrow of the ruling Manchu Dynasty in China.)

    Dr. Sun was a pivotal figure in his nation’s political development—first, as a leader of China’s national independence movement and, later, as the president of the new republic

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  • Joe Goode Performance Group

    Theater Artaud

    Sigmund Freud said that the study of dreams was the “royal way.” Joe Goode would probably agree. His multimedia reverie (incorporating text, movement, music, and dance) is about what it’s like to be dead. To illuminate this question, he relies on the logic of dreams. The result is very affecting and very funny.

    The author of Remembering the Pool at the Best Western, 1991, offers himself as protagonist. In the first act an alter-ego from beyond the beyond, manifested as a demented big-haired harlequin, mimics his every gesture, while asking a series of rhetorical questions about the afterlife to

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