• Georg Baselitz

    Michael Werner | Märkisch Wilmersdorf

    This exhibition of Georg Baselitz’s new work attracted much attention, including that of people who had long ago lost all interest in Baselitz. Is it because of the amazing way Baselitz has liberated his painting style? Or is it the desire to make him an exception that exerts such great appeal? These paintings break with his conception of the heroic portrait. thereby enabling the work to acknowledge the presence of the viewer and to leave a space for the personal experience of the paintings. The relationship of the viewer to the work offers the possibility of a physical experience, and departs

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  • General Idea

    Galerie Buchholz | Cologne, Elisenstraße 4-6

    “Wellcome” to the world of drugs: AIDS is the theme. The most widely prescribed antiviral medication, AZT, manufactured and distributed by the Burroughs-Wellcome Company, is equated here with a placebo. There are no cures for AIDS; there are, however, pills that extend the lives and the disease of HIV-positive people. Any prospect for radical change in this medical situation is dim; the disease remains fatal. Research, we are told, is dragging, while society is now more, now less interested in the topic. Although AIDS is a cipher for both the acute and the constant threat to human existence,

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