• Ramsay Bird

    Gimpel Fils

    An exhibition handout penned by Graham Ramsay and Gavin Bird but attributed to David Batty, a well-known footballer, tells us all about Ramsay Bird’s first solo show. Well, perhaps it doesn’t. Batty plays for England and the current league leader, Leeds (where Ramsay and Bird met and studied). At the time Ramsay Bird’s show opened, he was suspended from the game due to an accumulation of offences on the field. Ramsay Bird are young and brash. They do what one would expect—they cover the issues that need to be covered in a lighthearted way. What they possess, however, which helps a lot, is an

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  • Sonia Boyce

    Vanessa Devereux Gallery

    The work of Sonia Boyce, an English artist of African-Caribbean origin, is work in transition, work that is not yet mainstream—not yet inured to the prospect of a facile rehearsal of a post-Modernist orthodoxy. As such, Boyce’s work seems awkward, sometimes naive, and even repellent. But, in so directly addressing the question of what sort of work she might make, the artist has succeeded in opening up a discursive space too often left unexamined.

    Boyce’s early intuition that she was not interested in producing art strictly identified as “feminist” or “black” seems to have been based on her

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