• Christoph Rütimann

    Mai 36 Galerie

    Compared with Christoph Rütimann’s skepticism about our perceptual abilities, Gertrude Stein’s famous dictum, “A rose is a rose. . .,” sounds downright dogmatic or at least too clear-cut. Is a horizontal line painted by a brush simply a line? Does it describe a horizon? Does it define a distance or even a space? Perhaps it merely registers a movement across the surface. Rütimann’s response to such questions might have had the character of alternative suggestions, but instead, they have a “both-this-and-that” quality—similar to the description of a scientific model, which deliberately fails to

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  • Urs Frei

    Kunstraum Walcheturm

    Stalagtites, stalagmites, and a hodgepodge of nearly nauseating, shabby wall objects explode here in Urs Frei’s work. Frei has been making his presence felt throughout Switzerland over the past months with large, virulently energetic groups of works. Distancing himself from the unified presentation of his sewn, tied, and painted pillows, which, he ironically comments, only recently suggest that “he’s found himself,” he now confronts us with an an anarchy familiar from earlier phases of his work. In their re-presentation, the works contain unexpected potential. The disparate jumble turns out, on

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