• Arnold Schönberg

    Museum Ludwig

    It is always interesting to observe an artist who is recognized in one arena while struggling in another with an almost more brilliant insouciance. In Arnold Schönberg’s case, the struggle produced a considerable number of interesting paintings: fascinating/failed paintings of bizarre curiosity. Do we need yet another painter who produced scurrilous portraits and pensive landscapes in the first days of Modernism? Take for example the often-reproduced Der rote Blick (The red eye, 1910), half August Strindberg, half Goya-remake, simultaneously self-portrait and an example of symbolism. Here

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  • “The Carpet Project”

    Tanja Grunert

    The walls are empty; in this show the action is on the floor. With about twenty carpets of differing sizes and motifs, the mood is one of peaceful contemplation, much like the atmosphere of a mosque. In felt slippers, the visitor may walk over the carpets in quiet reflection, experiencing the works on display in a direct, bodily way. Collected here are such diverse artists as Rosemarie Trockel, David Robbins, Walter Dahn, Rob Scholte, Guillaume Bijl, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Yet the commonality of medium does not transcend the forced adjacency of images with their different motifs, patterns,

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