• Mary Lou Zelazny

    Roy Boyd Gallery

    The determining effects of photography on contemporary existence take on a wonderful physical palpability in the recent work of Mary Lou Zelazny. The figures in her painted and collaged images are composed of photographic fragments culled from books and magazines; indeed, her characters are both physically and poetically constituted by the images they consume. Zelazny is a collagist/provocateur, judiciously wielding her scissors to construct figures that are seamlessly incorporated into straightforward, descriptively painted settings, creating scenarios that manage to reanimate traditional

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  • Gaylen Gerber

    The Renaissance Society

    Monochromatic and hermetic, Gaylen Gerber’s barely discernible images renounce the pleasures of iconography. In this exhibition, 25 identical square paintings formed a 79-foot 2-inch horizontal band, which functioned as a single wall, prohibiting entry into most of the gallery and determining the position from which to examine the lineup. The effect of the installation was not unlike that of a Minimalist sculpture, theatrical in its object-hood but lacking any pictorial presence. Viewers familiar with this artist’s work have perhaps detected faint images in his deadpan canvases, but the subject

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