• Emmanuel Saulnier

    Galerie Montenay

    Like a prism, Emmanuel Saulnier’s sculpture has from the start oscillated between the erasure and the proliferation of various points of view. It goes hand in glove with what one might call “la folie du jour,” to borrow a title from Maurice Blanchot (a text that could provide us with several clues as to what is at stake here). This “folly,” this enigma, posits that clarity (or transparence) is far from being merely a factor of legibility and unveiling, but is also—like the night—something that alters our perception by crippling or clouding it.

    The new works presented in this show (with one

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  • Agustín Victor Casasola

    Centre National de la Photographie

    Agustín Victor Casasola (1874–1938) may not have been “the photographer of the Mexican Revolution,” as he is popularly known, but he was the founder of Mexico’s first photo archive, and as such, not only preserved but shaped a vision of history encompassing the whole of Mexico’s political and social life during the first third of this century. In 1921, drawing on the thousands of photographs in his archive, he published the first edition of the now-classic Album Histórico Gráfico de la Revolucíon (Illustrated historical album of the revolution, 1921), which traces the history of the revolutionary

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