Corrinne Wasmuht

Johnen + Schöttle

For this exhibition, Corrinne Wasmuht produced two brightly colored, large paintings with deep perspectival fields. In both works, one feels as if one is looking through a microscope. The subject of both works seems at once easy to grasp and elusive. Though Wasmuht deals with medicine and nature, what kind of nature is it where soulless structures can be transformed into decorative and colorful ensembles?

Upon closer examination, it is clear that these paintings originate in textbooks of human and veterinary medicine. Each image depicts a cross section of tissue, thus, the images are fundamentally biomorphic or anthropomorphic, and we, the viewers, are connected to the image in the same manner as we are to the image of our own bodies.

But there is an abstract energy in the building blocks of our interior—an internal autonomy of forms through which an entire system is constructed. The modern naturalness that Wasmuht constructs in these pictures shows no organic interior life, but, rather, one that has become petrified by a technological order created by the artist. In this way the functional claims of nature are fictionalized, and it takes on a second function as an art object that addresses questions of perception and meaning.

Norbert Messler

Translated from the German by Charles V. Miller.