• Keith Broadwee

    ACE Gallery

    In Keith Boadwee’s most recent series, the body is the locus for an investigation into the history of abstract painting. This work continues a project that stems from the beginning of his career when he used himself as a canvas for quasi-Expressionist paintings, taking Yves Klein’s technique for painting the female nude one step further—and closer. Increasingly, his paintings have isolated individual body parts, particularly the penis and the anus. While in Boadwee’s work the penis has always remained flaccid and uneroticized, the asshole is elaborately decorated, a site of pleasure. Two earlier

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  • Charles Gaines

    ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

    In “Night/Crimes,” Charles Gaines presented eight noirish photo-and-text-based works that combine what looks like pages from an astronomy book with photos that resemble the ones Weegee managed to snap before police photographers arrived to document his city’s latest mayhem. Each piece consists of a large vertical rectangle encased in a thin black frame, recalling the way funeral announcements used to be surrounded by dark borders. The predominance of black and white in this show typified the exhibition’s central juxtaposition, evoking at once the conventions of fine-art display and the bleary,

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