• Sam Durant

    Blum and Poe

    Installing a sliding-glass door to enclose a space beyond the gallery’s reception area, a suspicious Sam Durant contrasted the workaday practicality of furnishings and building materials with the surface seamlessness of interior design through photographs, drawings, and sculpture. In his five-part sculpture Scrap Recycling Project with American Ingenuity, 1995, Durant attached a high-pressure laminate surface to odd-shaped scraps of plywood and particle board. The smooth laminate was carefully trimmed to the edges of the supports, and the pieces—painted either in the brown, yellow, and ochre “

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  • Dentro Brasil

    Long Beach Museum of Art

    A surprising collection of new Brazilian art in various media, “Dentro Brasil” (Inside Brazil) included installations by artist/poet Arnaldo Antunes and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto as well as the video program reviewed here. This program comprised 31 works which represented the results of an exchange with four Brazilian cities initiated by Bruce Yonemoto and curator Carole Ann Klonarides. At least from a North American perspective, many of the videotapes in “Dentro Brasil” presented an unusually energetic mix of elements that ignored conventional distinctions among various genres.

    Video is a young

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