• Tracey Emin

    Tracey Emin Museum

    Gustave Courbet has a lot to answer for. The Painter’s Studio, 1855, his monumental autobiographical allegory, put the artist right at the center of the universe, and sanctioned the most extravagant kind of self-mythologization. Thirty-two-year-old Tracey Emin may seem a bit young to be opening her own museum, but that is precisely what she has done, having taken a five-year lease on a retail space near London’s Waterloo Station and turned it into a combination artist’s studio, gallery, and shop. The Tracey Emin Museum is open to the public only on Thursday and Friday afternoons, or by appointment,

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  • Matt Collishaw

    Karsten Schubert

    For his recent show at Karsten Schubert, Mat Collishaw transformed the gallery by painting the walls a dark red and splitting the room in two with a wire fence, into a space reminiscent of a Victorian-era red-light district. On either side of the fence, Collishaw had installed separate pieces. Both evoked a sheer delight in spectacle reminiscent of the early days of motion pictures and of late-19th-century optical devices, while addressing the urban poverty that is as prevalent today as it was in Dickens’ age.

    One of these two works, accompanied by a recording of jaunty accordion music, comprised

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