• “The Eye of Sam Wagstaff”

    The Getty Center

    In 1975, Andy Warhol dedicated the entire November issue of Interview to photography, frustrating the easy separation of fandom, glamour, fashion, and sex from the art of photography just when the medium’s new found status seemed secure. This special issue included the first public display of Sam Wagstaff’s celebrated photography collection, or what he called his “vice.” Printed alongside striking reproductions were some of his most discerning remarks on photography, which made clear its weirdly disreputable position up until the ’70s: photography “was a source of pleasure and joy which had been

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  • Elizabeth Peyton

    Regen Projects

    The languorous poses, the specific clothes and hairdos, the rooms, vague surroundings, and landscapes (sometimes imagined) they appear in, the friends they conspire with—there are no meaningless details concerning the lives of the rockers Elizabeth Peyton’s art chronicles, although it would be difficult to articulate what the meaning is (her project is an attempt again and again at such articulation). They’re not just any rockers: lanky and sinuous, their sex appeal comes in part from the more-than-likely unconscious or drug-enhanced blurring of the edges of their ill-fitting masculinity, slipped

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