• Louise Bourgeois

    Fondazione Prada | Milan

    It is well known by now how allusions to corporality, in particular to sexuality, have become increasingly explicit in Louise Bourgeois’ work. Rarely, however, has this aspect been so generally apparent as in the artist’s recent show in Milan, her first solo exhibition at an Italian institution. The materials she worked with were in large measure fabrics and clothing, confirming her uninhibited and innovative use of items. The selection began with two 1997 pieces: Single III, a sort of hermaphroditic mannequin with two heads and no arms, and Arched Figure No. 3, reminiscent of Bourgeois’ 1993

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  • Federico Pagliarini

    Galleria Emi Fontana

    In his latest show, Federico Pagliarini, an artist whose recent work has involved interventions into various forms of mass media, presented a videotaped episode of a popular television program, Uomini e Donne (Men and women), hosted by a well-known Italian television personality. Ordinary people and their sexual partners appear on this show to discuss problems with their relationships before an audience whose members are encouraged to put in their own two cents. The “debates” that animate the program reveal a cross-section of contemporary obsessions.

    Pagliarini applied to appear on this show with

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