• Michel Blazy

    Galerie Art: Concept

    There has been much talk in recent years about Michel Blazy, a young French artist whose work arouses divided reactions—either enthusiastic approval or rejection and disgust. It is difficult to remain indifferent before one of his “vegetal sculptures,” composed as they are of living organisms—plants, weeds, and mashed vegetables. The installations give off smells ranging from pleasant to mud, and, depending on their freshness, may even have begun to attract parasites, flies, or aphids. This is precisely Blazy’s intention. Project for an Interior Pleasing to Insects, 1996, welcomed the

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  • Gérard Garouste

    Fondation D'enterprise Coprim

    For the inauguration of Fondation Coprim’s new exhibition space in the Marais, the painter Gérard Garouste presented a remarkably original installation, La Dive Bacbuc—Installation drolatique sur la lecture de Rabelais (The priestess Bacbuc—A ribald installation on reading Rabelais), 1998. Large painted canvases were attached by cords to a circular, forged-iron frame (almost eight feet tall and twenty feet in diameter) that resembled an enormous drum or a circus tent. The canvases were done in acrylic, like the artist’s “Indiennes” series (started in 1987), named after the fifteenth-

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