• “Intelligence: New British Art 2000” and The British Art Show 5

    Tate Modern

    “PEAS ARE THE NEW BEANS,” declares a 1999 painting by Bob and Roberta Smith (aka Patrick Brill) in “Intelligence,” the first of Tate Britain's triennial New British Art exhibitions. Trendspotters please also note: BritCrit may be the new BritPop. Curatorial glosses on “Intelligence” and the fifth quinquennial British Art Show (hereafter BAS5) agree that commercialism, ephemerality, and spectacle are Out, and engagement with audiences and social issues is In. With twenty-two artists, “Intelligence” is the largest show of contemporary art in the history of the Tate; BAS5 comprises fifty-five

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  • Marc Camille Chaimowicz


    THE INVITATION CARD ANNOUNCING Marc Chaimowicz's Celebration? Realife Revisited, 1972/2000, bore the distinctive blue and red fleur-de-lis design that was used for so long on the British dust jackets of C.K. Scott Moncrieffs translation of Proust. Nowadays Proust's title is more straightforwardly translated as In Search of Lost Time, but Scott Moncrieff's Shakespearean Remembrance of Things Past is perhaps a more appropriate epigraph in this instance. Whatever the case, though, the revisiting of Celebration? Realife is a Proustian event. In making the work again after nearly thirty years,

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