• Claudio Guarino


    Continuing with his methodology of melodrama and reinterpretation, Claudio Guarino has dedicated an exhibition to the century-old opera Tosca. But there was no trace of Puccini’s music, for the artist chose instead to play with the narrative content of the libretto. The show consisted of a ten-minute video, The Kiss of Tosca, and two other works (all 2000) in which the characters in the drama are reduced to two, Tosca herself and the evil Scarpia, played by two extremely talented English actors, Haver Chasen and Terence Brown. Tosca, decidedly older here, asks Scarpia the fate of her lover,

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  • Roberta Silva

    Studio Casoli

    As communication spreads via the Internet and computers, the resistance to declaring one’s emotional horizons crumbles. This is not “postmodern neo-romanticism,” but rather the freedom to give shape, symbol, interpretation to the tie between mind and body, sentiment and reason. In recent years some astute theoretical interpretations have appeared in feminist thought with regard to this subject, and now the visual arts are announcing that women and men need figures and signs to give a name to this change. Knowledge means knowing the emotions, keeping them in a form that neither sanctifies nor

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