• Elena Del Rivero and Tere Recarens

    López de la Serna CAC

    After meeting in New York, the Spanish artists Elena del Rivero and Tere Recarens decided to work collaboratively, bringing together their distinct methods and personalities to the various works. “In Love (Entredos)” (In Love [in between]), the result of this alliance, illuminates the different ways two artists from the same country but of different generations might conceive of creating an artwork. Each is interested in making her work a projection of herself; the manner in which they approach this idea is what marks the difference.

    Del Rivero became known in the early ’80s for landscape paintings

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  • Zush

    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

    In the ’70s and ’80s, Zush showed widely not only in Spain but also internationally (for instance, in Documenta 6, 1977). More recently, he’s distanced himself from public activity in museums and art spaces, primarily because of his ever-growing dedication to production and diffusion via computers and the Internet, endeavors in which he has been a pioneer. Although he has occasionally exhibited in museums and galleries since then, his name is now better known to young artists than his work. Still, like a number of other Spanish artists who emerged thirty years ago, Zush is a spiritual precursor

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