• Jane Prophet

    The Wapping Project Bankside

    THE WAPPING PROJECT, managed by the Women's Playhouse Trust, is one of London's more ambitious attempts to turn a former industrial building into an arts center. It is located in a Victorian hydraulic-power station, which has been an occasional venue for concerts, performances, and installations since the early '90s—the best known being Anya Gallacio's Intensities and Surfaces, 1996, a thirty-four-ton block of ice that melted during the course of the show. What were formerly the boiler and filter rooms have been converted into exhibition and performance spaces, and a restaurant was created

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  • Erwin Wurm

    The Photographers' Gallery

    IN THE LATE '70'S, Roman Signer made a very short film starring a man and a bucket. The bucket falls from on high, the man gets out of the way just in time. By contrast, many of Erwin Wurm's recent photos (documents of performances of the improvisatory “one-minute sculptures” he has been making since 1988) imply small-scale disasters that have already happened. A woman lies prone on the sidewalk, her face pressed into a plastic washbowl (Taipei outdoor sculpture, 2000). A man has seemingly collided with a wall; bent forward, his head swallowed up by stones and mortar, his defenseless rear

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