• Julian Opie

    Lisson Gallery | 27 Bell Street | London

    Everything here is a sample. What do you want—man or woman? Both? Separately or together? Make the choice, then decide on their poses. They can stand, kneel, sit, or maybe recline, propped up on one elbow. You can dress them to taste as well, like Barbie or the fridge-magnet woman with the range of stick-on outfits. To make things extra specially convenient they come in a range of sizes and formats to suit your individual needs, available space, and budget: large images on vinyl, small color photos on board, highway signs, wallpaper, memorial slabs, window stickers, computer programs, light

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  • Michael Landy


    Peter Vanezis, a forensic scientist who specializes in human identification, was recently asked on British radio about the emotional demands of the human rights work he undertakes in places like Rwanda or the former Yugoslavia. He replied that his professional composure was tested most when the bodies he examined still bore personal effects: a toy clutched in a child’s hand, for example. Even in the era of global capital, a possession can be something other than a commodity. Nevertheless, when Michael Landy was planning Break Down, 2001, his Times/Artangel Open commission, he decided to catalogue,

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