• “Picasso Érotique”

    Musée National du Jeu de Paume

    YOU'D THINK EVERY ANGLE ON PICASSO HAD BEEN WORKED TO DEATH BY NOW—that each period, style, genre, and subject had already chalked up its own blockbuster exhibition. So on seeing this show's title, one could only wonder: Why hasn't it been done before?

    Actually, it has. The Museu Picasso in Barcelona (where the present exhibition will end its tour after traveling to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montreal) mounted their own “Erotic Picasso” show in 1979. Still, the subject seems surprisingly under-explored, given that Picasso's stylistic chronology has been made to seem so closely linked to the

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  • Pascal Convert

    Site Odéonº 5

    THE EXHIBITION BEGAN OUTSIDE, on the street: Drawings were painted on the gallery windows—long, multicolor, swirling, interlaced strokes. They were on the walls, too, one saw, once past the door. These traces belong to the series “Native Drawings,” which Pascal Convert began in 1997, based on his children's drawings (in the case of the works here, his daughter's). Sequenced and digitized, the scrawlings are projected as representations of three-dimensional objects. For each stroke, the artist selects a particular point of view and reconstructs the whole on the scale of the surface to be

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