• Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset

    Galerie Klosterfelde

    When Martin Klosterfelde decided to move his gallery to a new location, he asked the Berlin-based artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset to create a new work for the inaugural show. The duo responded by installing an exact replica of the old gallery within the new one. Visitors expecting a fresh look into the future were instead ushered into the immediate past. The facade, the glass doorway, the walls, the lights, and even the electrical plugs from the former space were all painstakingly reproduced to 90 percent scale. Apart from the lighting and electrical fixtures, this gallery-within-a-gallery

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  • “Songs of Love and Hate”

    Galerie Wieland

    Artistic practice is becoming ever more dispersed. Now there is the “rock artist,” one who actually produces music rather than just referring to it visually. Laptop electronic artist Carsten Nicolai belongs to this circle, just as Angela Bulloch does, with her experimental and improvisational band of bass guitars. But what the two-part exhibition “Songs of Love and Hate” set out to explore was, rather, works in which art and music revolve around each other. The first installment, “Side A,” exhibited eight artists or collectives who address the fetish character of pop music Thus Astrid Küver

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