• Karen Carson

    Rosamund Felsen Gallery

    Leave it to Karen Carson to pay homage to Cézanne's landscapes in a format usually reserved for promoting the latest twelve-pack special. Carson, who has named paintings after Disney songs and created abstract images based on Renaissance theories of composition, constructed Landscape After Cézanne, 2000, by layering cut-out, drawn-on sheets of colored transparent vinyl over a framed light box, whose fluorescent tubes are themselves wrapped in colored gels to maximize the diffusion and variety of light and hue. The brilliant result appeals to the side of oneself that still admires a good black-light

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  • Amir Zaki

    Roberts Projects

    In photographer Amir Zaki's vertiginous, depopulated views, usually long exposures shot at night, velvety dark blue-greens dominate, illuminated by eerie halos of electric light. Rooflines, cornices, garden walls, empty backyards with potted plants and outdoor furniture outline LA residences and the landscapes surrounding or intruding on them. It's as if Julius Shulman abandoned black-and-white to do location stills for The X-Files.

    In his new photographs, Zaki negotiates the chill, even noir aspects of Los Angeleno domesticity. I write “negotiates” (rather than, say, “interrogates”) because it's

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