• Sunday Jack Akpan

    Sunday Jack Akpan’s business card bears the following words: “Undertakes Construction of Images, Statues, Tombstones of all kinds, Pottery Products, Marble Tombstones, Decoration of House Furniture, Drawing and General Arts.” This first exhibition in Italy by the sixty-one-year-old Nigerian artist consisted of a group of eighteen statues (one of which had previously been exhibited at the Venice Biennale) portraying the upper echelons of traditional tribal society: chieftains, matriarchs, sorcerers, shamans, and dignitaries. But they are joined by a soldier in camouflage overalls with a submachine

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  • Carlo Valsecchi

    Studio Calsoli

    When people leave the places where they live and work, it sometimes seems that those urban and industrial landscapes, no longer “disturbed” by human presence, finally begin to lead a secret life, their true life, invisible to the human eye. This is an ancient sensation—a sort of animism but it may also be found in full-blown Romanticism (one can’t help but think, for example, of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker) , which in our own time has been anything but sated. Indeed one could say that today, when one can speak, for instance, of the “soul of a new machine,” this form of animism is in its prime.

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