• Marlene McCarty


    In her recent show, Marlene McCarty continued her study of adolescent girls who become, through acts of violence, conflicted sites of sexuality and identity. McCarty's fascination is always with what might be called (pace Adrienne Rich's old theoretical chestnut) a lesbian continuum of erotic thrill seeking and aggression: Her subjects are usually victims and/or perpetrators of violence between women. These large, finely rendered graphite-and-ballpoint drawings (all 1995–98) depict real girls, none of whom looks like she could kill (if only one knew what those looks were): Fourteen-year-old Gina

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  • Eric Niebuhr

    Goldman-Tevis Gallery

    Fooling around with spiritual imagery is tricky business. When it comes to the eternal, the cosmic, and the infinite, many of us are sure only that we aren't sure about its status in our lives, let alone in art. so we tend to like our doses of the spiritual served up with encoded directions. Is it the work of a true believer, a conflicted soul, an individual with a quest, a skeptic, a cynic? What's the message and what's the spin? When the artist's intentions are clearly reflected, they can take the place of our own muddled reading.

    In his first solo show in Los Angeles, Eric Niebuhr (no relation

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